In the classroom it is very hands-on and children
need to touch the ‘concrete materials’ before they
understand many concepts in our world. One of
the initial presentations in the cultural area of the
classroom is the sandpaper globe. The purpose of
this is to introduce the idea that the world is made
of large land masses and stretches of water. So the
child can feel the land which is made from
sandpaper (the rough) and then feel the water (the


We can then explore large and small
pieces of land and ocean.
We then show the child the coloured globe which
is to introduce the idea that the world is made of
large land masses that are divided into different
After this we can begin showing the child puzzle
maps of the world and link it to the coloured globe. 
We always begin with the world and then the
child’s own continent. 

If you or your family has been away on holidays
please let us know so that we can show the
children the places they have or going to travel.
Sometimes we will trace the country you are
visiting and map out how you will travel from
Australia to that particular place. 
Just recently Dale and I received a couple of
postcards from Canberra from a child in the
afternoon class and when I read it out to the class
it was very exciting. So please if you do go away,
don’t forget to send the class a postcard.
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