Last week, some of the Home Environment children told Narelle and
I that painting is their favourite activity. So this week, we brought
out the paints, paper, smocks, brushes and other painting mediums and
watched as the children stretched their imaginations and creativity to
produce some amazing artworks. We began the week with brushes with
unusual textures. Some of the children dabbed the paper with the brushes
looking at the different patterns and textures the various brushes
created while other children painted with purpose to create identifiable
On Tuesday, we used spray bottles. The children shared 3 bottles, each
one with a separate primary colour. After mastering pressing the nozzle
on the bottles, the children produced beautiful pastel artworks as the
colours blended on the paper. We encouraged the children to ‘sign’ their
artwork, just like the famous artists had signed the paintings we
looked at group time.
On Wednesday, the children used traditional brushes. The older children
thought about what they wanted to create before they started painting
while the younger children loved experimenting with different brush
strokes and mixing colours.
On Thursday, the children created not only the paintings, but the paint
as well. Firstly we mixed 2T flour, 2T salt and enough water to create a
thick liquid which could be squeezed from a plastic bottle through a
nozzle top. Then we added food colouring and poured the paint into a
plastic bottle. We helped the children squeeze the paint through the
nozzle onto cardboard, creating their name. Then we put the painted
cardboard into the microwave on high for 30 seconds. This instantly set
the paint. The children then covered the cardboard and paint with glue
and decorated it with glitter. Beautiful!

On Friday, the children created a group painting. They worked on an
enormous sheet of paper, taking turns to share a place at the table, the
smocks, paints and brushes. Well, they started with the brushes but the
feel of the paint was too tempting for some of the children who decided
that finger painting was much more fun!

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