Our Philosophy and Objectives

The Hills Montessori Society was established in 1979 and since that time has expanded to three classes, offering the enrichment of Montessori education to children aged one to six years of age in the pre-school.

The objective of the Society is to provide an educational environment that develops in each child the self confidence and inner security to learn independently, build concentration, initiative and persistence and fosters curiosity and sense of order.

Science and Culture

The teaching methods are based closely on the methods, insights, materials and discoveries of Maria Montessori. They are designed to help each child in sensory-motor skill, discrimination and judgement, socialisation, intelligence and imagination. The educational approach differs significantly from the more traditional methods and above all stresses the individuality of the child. The Montessori motto is “Help Me To Do It Myself”.

Along with our strong Montessori philosophy, Hills Montessori adheres to the Board of Studies curriculum and the Education and Care Services National Regulations 2011.

An understanding by parents of the methods and principles of Montessori assists them in helping to understand the development of their child. Each year educational evenings or morning and afternoon teas are held to discuss with parents particular aspects of child development and Montessori Philosophy. All parents are expected to attend, as through an understanding of the principles, all parents can assist directly and constructively in the progress of their child. We also encourage the parents to read as much as possible about the Montessori approach.