We are very happy with the progress of our son at Hills Montessori School for the past one year. Here, each child is able to progress at her/his own pace. Hills Montessori’s staff are friendly, caring and helpful and show a genuine love for the (children). We are glad that we made a right choice.

Bhuvi and Raja, Keerthan, Brolgas, 2013

During my children’s attendance at Hills Montessori School, I have seen many benefits from the Montessori education as a foundation for learning. The love of learning and inquisitiveness which has been fostered by the early years has continued into my sons’ primary school years. Their general knowledge, lateral thinking ability, love of reading and, in particular, exposure to mathematical concepts, has been of great benefit in their learning.

M Koo

Our child enjoys and learns so much from the Montessori Education and looks forward to going to school every day. I am always recommending the program to our friends.

R & B Raja

The Hills Montessori School has been teaching children in the Hills for over 30 years. The value of a Montessori education is second to none. It is often rare these days to find teaching that develops in children independence in thought and consideration of others while promoting a love of learning, which is the Montessori philosophy.

J Rufati

The Under 3s program is varied and interesting. My son loves coming to school and enjoying the activities there whether it’s the puzzle boards, the dish washing, the sand pit, he is always intent on making it work to his liking. He also enjoys the songs, the interactive stories and he is slowly learning to enjoy the company of the other kiddies. It’s a joy to see him develop in such a calm environment and the delight he gets from doing things for himself. I truly don’t think this could be possible for him if we only had him attending playgroup.

H Cheung

An Inspiring Montessori Video Worth Watching

This is a great 5 minute video developed by a Montessori father, who explains in his own words why the Montessori approach to education is so enriching.

Please take some time to watch it and contact us if you’d like to find out more about how your child can benefit by enrolling at Hills Montessori Pre-School.