We are the only pre-school in the Hills District that offers a true Montessori program and experience.

We are part of Montessori Australia’s Quality Assurance Program that aims to promote Montessori schools that are committed to providing authentic Montessori programmes and experiences. Find out more about the Quality Assurance Program here.

At Hills Montessori we provide an environment that meets the innate desires and needs of young children to adapt, explore, learn, grow and reach their full potential. Montessori education is based on stages of development that allows the focus to remain exclusively on the child. The Montessori learning environment is deliberately designed to facilitate the independent development of each child.

Our greater mission is to foster the foundation and growth of the child’s personality and independence while instilling in them a lifelong love of learning. Self-directed, self-paced and an uninterrupted work cycle, fosters deeper concentration, which leads to deeper understanding.

  • 3 year age grouping – encourages healthy social development and cooperative learning is fostered. The individuality of each child is respected by all.
  • Multi cultural school community – We are fortunate to have children from many cultures attending Hills Montessori School. This provides a rich learning environment that allows children to be exposed to other cultures and languages.
  • Close knit social community– as well as social events put on by the school, each Hills Montessori Pre-School class is appointed a class parent that helps to co-ordinate regular morning teas and other events to help parents get to know each other better
  • Long serving, dedicated staff – most of the teaching and administration staff at Hills Montessori Pre-School have been working here for over 10 years. This dedication by staff to the school provides stability, continuity and highlights what a great institution the school is to the community

The Montessori learning environment, under the direction of a specially trained directress allows the child to experience the joy of learning, time to enjoy the process and ensures the development of the whole child.