‘Read, Grow, Inspire.

This week, Hills Montessori celebrated book week!

Dressed up as their favourite book characters, the children came in with all smiles. The outdoors was filled with so much fun and laughter as different stations were set up, such as ‘The Little People Big Dreams’ station, where children learned biographies (told in a story) of real people (e.g. singers, writers, voyagers, scientists, environmentalists, athletes, etc.) who made an impact in the world around them, photo booths wherein children can have their photos taken on their own or with friends and a music station where children explored the different musical instruments (inspired by the book ‘ A Brand New band’ and ‘I’m the Music man’). We then had a parade with children showcasing their costumes and proudly holding their favourite books up. Both outdoor and indoor, we had back-to-back storytelling of children’s books in different genres. It was a week full of reading and appreciation for books. Let’s continue to raise readers and nurture our children’s love for books! ‘Til next year!