Welcome Back

I can’t believe we are already in week 4 next week. The term is certainly flying past us. The new extended day in the Brolgas are settling into their new roles very well being the leaders of the classroom. They have all been eager to be good role models and assisting the younger children when necessary.


The children working together to                                

complete a puzzle map:





Food preparation

In the classroom we have added some new work in the Practical Life Area involving food preparation.

We have a melon baller where the children have the opportunity to prepare watermelons, kiwi fruit and rockmelon into ball shapes for an added interest. If your child would like to do this experience would you please bring in a small chunck of watermelon, rockmelon or a whole kiwi fruit.


We also have a tray that has a colander, jug and a bowl that is used for washing fruit/vegetables before preparing them. With this activity the child places the fruit in the colander which is over the bowl. They fill the jug with water and then proceed to pour it over the fruit and washed.

Please remember if they are ever any concerns please do not hesitate to make an appointment to have a chat.


Vicki and Dale 












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