General Allocation Policy

The following general policies and preferences apply when allocating your child a place with the Hills Montessori School.

  1. Requirements of Department of Education and NESA
  2. Four (4) year olds on or before 31st July
  3. Aboriginal children turning 3 on or before 31st July
  4. Children from low income families holding a current Health Care Card from the age of 3 on or before 31st July
  5. Siblings of children who attended Hills Montessori School for the full three (3) years
  6. Siblings of children currently enrolled
  7. Children attending the Hills Montessori Parent/Toddler Program
  8. Siblings of children who attended Hills Montessori School for less than 3 years
  9. Transfers from other Montessori schools
  10. Maintaining an age and sex balance in the groups
  11. Wait list as per the chronological order of enrolment

Class Placements for Preschool only

  • Placement of the child in the Preschool Program is based on place rather than a specific classroom
  • Classroom allocations are decided by the School and are advised at time of notification of commencement date
  • Consideration is given to balancing age, sex and other criteria determining allocations
  • The School Board supports the Head of School in reserving the right to amend any of these allocations up to the commencement date
  • Commencement dates are determined on a one new child at a time policy. This allows the educators an opportunity to help the child move into the environment with greater ease before another new child commences.
  • From commencement date, there is a provisional period where the child attends for a half session during which time, the class teacher in consultation with the parent will advise the following;
    • suitability to attend full session
    • continue on a shorter session for an extended period
    • attendance be delayed until a more suitable time
  • Siblings of children attending may be placed in a separate class to allow them the opportunity for developing their own independence.

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