Hills Montessori celebrated Harmony Day at school this week on 19th & 22nd March. Harmony Day is a celebration of diversity, multiculturism, inclusion, belonging and respect for all members of our community. Children and staff were invited to wear clothing that represents their heritage or orange as this colour symbolises communication and the encouragement of respect. This year we did things a little differently and turned our outdoor environment into a trip around the world with thanks to all of our amazing classes who did some amazing research and created spectacular displays, learning opportunities and activities for the children to participate in.

The Outdoor Learning explored Asia and included food tasting, cultural dress, music, street market and had an amazing display of the word “Harmony” hanging from the roof is all different languages.

The Cockatiels explored Oceania and reimagined our entryway into a colourful display of all things Australian, New Zealand and Pacific Islands including a replica of Ulura, welcome words, traditional costumes.

The Kindergarten researched Europe and transformed our Cubby House into a beautiful Dutch house complete with Tulips and Windmill. The sensory table was filled with blocks and pictures of incredible buildings found throughout Europe for the children to recreate or design their own masterpieces. They even performed a Greek Zorba dance for the entire school.

The Kookaburras delved into the frozen continent of Antarctica and set up this amazing and much loved sensory experience for the children. Icebergs were frozen and placed into the display for the penguins to play on and splash around.

The Lorikeets class loved learning about Africa and transformed our Native Garden area into an incredible display including the pyramids of Egypt, the Nile River and and African savannah complete with Elephants, Giraffe and Lions!

The Brolgas class explored North America and transformed our sandpit into the volcanoes of the Hawaiian Islands including a large sized Volcano experiment that was very popular. Our Mud kitchen become a Mexican Kitchen complete with a burrito making experience. They even turned our sun shade poles into Totem poles using artwork made by the children.

Our lovely Parent/Toddler class even got involved and explored the Amazon Jungle of South America. They made paper chain snakes, frogs, monkeys and created a lovely display complete with binoculars and fun facts about South America in our Food Forest.