Home Environment Science Experiments

In weeks 2 and 3 of Term 4, the children in Home Environment observed and participated in a range of science experiments.

The experiments included tea bag rockets, blowing up balloons with carbon dioxide and creating ‘Elephant Toothpaste.’

The tea bag rocket demonstrated that hot air rises. When the tea bag was burning it rose high up towards the roof and then it floated gently back down to the floor as it cooled. This was great fun and the children watched it many times with wonder and excitement.


Another great experiment was blowing up a balloon with carbon dioxide. The children mixed bicarb soda and vinegar in a small plastic bottle and quickly put a deflated balloon over the bottle top. Instantly, the balloon filled with carbon dioxide from the reaction and inflated the balloon. Wow!

The ‘Elephant Toothpaste’ was very spectacular. It was created by mixing Hydrogen Peroxide with yeast, warm water, detergent and food colouring in a large plastic bottle. The result was an impressive, oozing, warm, soft foam which was safe to play with. Science can be so much fun!

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