Kookaburra Class News Term 3 Week 8

The weather has sure been keeping us on our toes lately. The first day of spring teased us with beautiful weather and then we were thrown back to cold, rainy, windy days. Lets hope there is more sunshine on the horizon.

We have welcomed Alexandra Rufati to our class. She has moved up from Under 3’s and is enjoying her time in the class. Her big brother, Nicholas is loving helping her out.

During group time we have been looking at poetry and reading a variety of different poems in class. We talked about how poems need a title and then you put down your thoughts and ideas. We then decided we should write a poem by the Kookaburra class. We thought of a title, and got started and here is the outcome:

Happy Penguins” a poem by the Kookaburra Class

Happy, happy penguins,

It’s an icy day,

Gliding on the ice,

Swimming in the bay.

Happy, happy penguins,

Where are you?

Are you hiding in the snow?

I love you.

Thank you to all the dads who came to visit the class last week. The children get such joy out of showing you their environment. Hope you all had a Happy Father’s Day.



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