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As we begin week 4 and I look around at the children working in the classroom it is so nice to see how independent they are. When they offer help to others or say the words “I can do it myself”, I can’t help but smile. This needs to extend from the classroom setting into their everyday lives with the children carrying their own bags, dressing themselves, feeding themselves and being responsible for their own belongings.

We welcome Michelle, Hailey and Cleo to our class this term and their families to the school. We hope your time at Hills is as rewarding for you as it will be for your children.


Our first social event is being held on Friday night. Get your dancing shoes on and come along and bust a move. It’s a fun night for all. I hope to see you there.

Our favourite poem at group time is:

Who’s There” by Max Fatchen

If you hear a dinosaur, knocking loudly on your door,

through the keyhole firmly say, “nobody is home today”.

If the bell should start to ring, tell the beast no visiting,

if you see there’s more than one, turn around and start to run.






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