We welcome back our families from last year and trust you had a relaxed holiday. Our new 3 year old students are settling into the 3-6 programmes. We welcome Kayla Khoo (parents Suzanne & Alex), Joseph Mezher (parents Amanda & Anthony), Jacob Brownlee (parents Laura & Troy), Elio Haigh (parents Maria & Ian), Neil Warren (parents Way & Rory) to the Kookaburra class. 

We trust your time at Hills Montessori will be an enjoyable one.
Many of the new children coming from Under 3’s are familiar with and are enjoying the practical life activities. We have introduced cheese grating and pea shelling which are proving very popular. 

Unfortunately, we were all saddened to hear Kylee’s son Jayden had been diagnosed with Leukaemia and that she would be away from school in order to look after him. We miss her so much. Thank you to everyone for offering help in any way, I know Kylee being the person she is would be overwhelmed with your kindness. Our love and support go to Kylee, Jayden and her family. We will keep you informed. The relief teachers whilst Kylee is away are Muna (Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday) and Emily (Monday and Wednesday). They bring with them great experience in the area of child care and they look forward to working with and teaching your children.

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