The silkworm eggs were kept in a dark box in the store room for several months. These eggs were laid last year in November and December.

At the beginning of term 3, we got them out and put them in the large glass container and added mulberry leaves. Everyday the children would watch the eggs waiting to see the silkworms coming out.

One day, we noticed the tiniest silkworms ever. We watched closely to double check if they were silkworms or not. We got a magnifying glass. We noticed that they slowly were moving, so we knew they were silkworms 🐛. How exciting.

From two or three baby silkworms to more and more of them. We couldn’t count them as there are lots of them crawling around the leaves and still babies.

Mulberry leaves were collected from our mulberry tree. The children enthusiastically started adding the leaves for out babies silkworms.