Hello Everyone!

It is lovely to be back and sharing group time stories and songs. Please find below some of the songs that I will be sharing this term for you to enjoy at home with your child. Remember that music is developed like language and we have an unique sensitive period for this development including acquisition of sound, tone and timbre. Children also pick up rhythm and enjoy clapping, bouncing or swaying to the beat. Our birth to three children love listening to their parents sing (even if you don’t like hearing yourself!), so do so with confidence and joy. This will instill a love of music from early on and we can clearly see that throughout the centuries, music has become it’s own language and form of expression for so many. It is beautiful to be able to foster this from birth. Enjoy…

Here is the Sea (Nido & Under 3’s)

Here is the sea, the wavy sea.

Here is the boat, and here is me.

And all the fish down below,

wiggle their tails and off they go!

Little Raindrop  (Nido & Under 3’s)

I’m a little raindrop, dropple is my name.

I fall down from the sky, I come down in the rain.

I run and I ripple, I dripple and I drop;

’til I return back to the sky,

I’ll never,never,never,never,never,never stop!

Round and Round the Garden (Nido)

Round and round the garden, like a teddy bear

One step, two step, tickly under there!

Round and round the haystack, like a little mouse

One step, two step, in his little house!

Nido Massage Song (also former Under 3’s Massage Song)

Here is a great big sun, shining on me…

Sunbeams, sunbeams, shining down on me.

Raindrops, raindrops, falling down on me.

A little bit of sun and a little bit of rain, what do we get?

Rainbow, rainbow, colours shining bright.

I look forward to this term together.  Happy parenting!

Megan, Nido & Under 3’s Directress

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