It’s lovely to see our returning children again. They look so much bigger and older after the break.

A special welcome is extended to our new children in Home Environment. We look forward to sharing lots of fun times together.

The biggest news in Home Environment since moving to the hall is that Home Environment is now available in the morning. In response to the needs of the families at Hills Montessori School, Home Environment is now offering morning care. Morning Home Environment is available from 7:30am to 8:30am for the children in the Brolga and Kookaburra classes and from 7:30am to 11:30am for the children in the Rosella class. Booking are essential to ensure staff coverage and must be made via Debbi in the office. We hope these new extended hours are beneficial to our families. 

Early this term we left a large cardboard box in Home Environment. We waited for the children to decide what they wanted the box to become. After several days the children decided they would like the box to become a castle. So, a castle it became. We decorated the castle with bunting the children cut from coloured paper. They have enjoyed many hours in the castle role playing as royalty, making feasts, tethering their horses and taking care of babies. 


The babies are incredibly popular this year. Many of the children are taking the babies for walks in the pram, dressing and undressing them, putting them to bed and taking them to the doctor.

We would love to extend this experience with baby bottles, bibs, prams, a baby bath etc. If you have any baby equipment that you no longer require we would really appreciate any donations.



Lynelle and Narelle


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