We hope all our families enjoyed their holiday breaks.
Our theme for our first week in Home Environment this term was very
popular with both the boys and the girls – dinosaurs. The children
worked beautifully together creating a dinosaur diorama or ‘Dinosaur
World’ as the children like to refer to it. They created trees from
paper bags and crepe paper, made a river from cellophane and made a
variety of grasses for the dinosaurs to eat from green paper and paint.
The children love to paint and it was extra fun this week as they mixed
the colours themselves. Building on the ‘Colour Mixing’ activity from
their morning classes, the children experimented with blue and yellow
paint, creating a range of green shades.

There were dinosaurs everywhere in Home Environment. Dinosaurs were
created at the craft table, dinosaurs were the pictures in the jigsaws,
dinosaurs were the topics of the books, dinosaurs roared and stomped
during dramatic play, dinosaurs were pressed into play dough and we even
ate them! 
Thank you, Rowena, for the use of your dinosaur cookie cutters. We had a
great time on Friday making cookie dough and pressing the dinosaur
shapes into the dough to create edible dinosaurs. Most of the children
agreed that these dinosaurs were their favourite dinosaurs of the week!

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